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Laurel Foods is a growing, value-added, food processing company located in the foothills of the Chehalem Mountains of Oregon.

A partnership between two family businesses (Denfelds & Warings), Laurel Foods has its roots in the Oregon hazelnut growing region of the lush North Willamette Valley. The 28,000 sq ft facility is located in the farming community of Laurel Oregon, just south of Hillsboro, on one of the Denfeld family farms. The Denfeld family has been farming in Oregon for six generations and has helped Laurel Foods to be a vertically integrated organization, bringing the nuts from the orchard, directly to the market.

The values of Laurel Foods come from its farming heritage and are based on quality, respect, trustworthiness, and integrity. Here at Laurel Foods we strive to provide highest quality food products backed with outstanding service.  

Our owners all participate in multiple industry groups which are focused on promoting and growing the tree nut industry. The level of experience within Laurel Foods is collectively among the most in the Oregon hazelnut industry.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to bring Oregon hazelnuts, and other nut products, to the market in innovative ways showcasing their naturally beneficial characteristics.  Being a trusted supplier of these products is our focus. 

Mission Statement

Laurel Foods’ mission is to become a leading food processing company specializing in tree nuts.  Through our relationships with our growers, suppliers and customers, Laurel Foods will produce the highest quality natural products backed by the best service possible.  

Laurel Foods Commitment

By listening to our customers and remaining nimble, Laurel Foods’ ownership and team are committed to the diligent pursuit of safely producing what the market desires.